Our Philosophy


Helping the body to heal naturally

D’Youville Chiropractic Clinics support the clinical teaching, research and patient-care mission of the college’s doctor of chiropractic program. At D’Youville, chiropractic care is more than alleviating symptoms. Ultimately, the goal of chiropractic is to improve the life and health of patients.

Holistic Healthcare

Our philosophy focuses on holistic principles that address the whole person and provide the patient with a concerned nurturing of mind, body, and spirit. Our well-trained interns and clinicians focus on current preventive, corrective and rehabilitative techniques. The treatment plans our clinicians develop are based on proven clinical information.

Our Core Values

  • Our foundation is evidence-based best practices.
  • Social responsibility is important to the profession and is demonstrated by contributing to the health and well-being of patients, the community, and at-risk populations through advocacy, education, volunteerism, and service.
  • Continuous quality improvement is the means to discovering best practices and providing the very best clinical and teaching outcomes.
  • Collaboration with other departments and health professions is beneficial within the context of our mission and is fundamental to achieving our goals.