Our Services



D’Youville’s Chiropractic clinics offers cutting-edge diagnostic services, including digital x-rays, blood chemistry and urine analysis.

The Campus Clinic and the North Buffalo Clinic have state of the art direct digital radiography for obtaining x-rays of patients. These facilities have the latest up-to-date technology that allows our clinicians and interns to view x-ray studies on the computer, to make digital copies of x-rays, and to assist in making a diagnosis. Our health centers also invite chiropractors and medical physicians in the community to send patients for diagnostic imaging. We provide that service as part of the college’s mission to be an integral part of the Western New York community at large.

Our digital radiographs give our patients the most advanced image quality along with the highest level of safety. The benefits includes:

  • Faster imaging
  • Better image quality for clinical diagnosis
  • Lower patient exposure to radiation than older technologies